Impact Driver Reviews: Makita 6952

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I own Makita cordless impact driver that came with a fluoroscent work light and a drill. Two batteries are dying after 3 years of quite heavy home remodeling use.

Cost of batteries replacement (two of them) is around one hundred sixty bucks. Therefore, I purchased this impact driver.

Pros: - Ergonomics is very good - holding it in my palm is great (I have a rather short fingers) - Weight distribution is great too - see the handle position in the middle of top part (it looks like a letter T with a handle slightly slanted). Handle in my Hitachi drill is almost at the end of top part. This causes drill part with chuck to go down when holding drill horizontally. This puts strain on my palms. No strains when using Makita. A pleasure to work with. - Corded means I never have to worry about charging batteries and buying batteries (money saver) - Made in Japan which means that it should last forever - Lightweight - I believe it weighs less than a cordless impact driver - Long cord - I believe it is 8 feet long - Drives screws consistently thanks to 120V supply - Well designed plastic case has plenty of space for cord and other accessories

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Cons: - Lack of LED light (LED light is very useful) - Cord can be sometimes in a way - Expensive due to the fact that it was made in Japan (no regrets though) - It has longer body compared to cordless impact driver - it might be difficult to fit between joists especially when driving longer screws.

Overall I am pleased with this impact driver that drives 4" Philips decking screws quite nicely (I used 9/64" drill bit to drill pilot holes). I am pretty sure it will drive shorter screws much easier. I prefer square head (#2) screws and avoid Philips like a plague. I used Philips screws to get rid of them. Philips screws are OK probably up to 2". Philips screws start to be a hassle at length of 3" or more. Not so with square ones. No wonder why furniture manufacturers use square screws for at least two decades. I purchase my square screws (Scorpio brand) at Curtis Lumber. I used Deckmate screws too from Home Depot but Curtis Lumber has a better selection of screws. I tend to buy 25 lbs of screws of the same size because it gives the best bang for the buck. I have no problems finishing them too.

Sorry for the screw discussion but some people might benefit from my experience. I drove probably around 150 lbs of screws altogether.

This concludes my review. I hope that some people enjoy it.

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Its a great piece of equipment to have. The impact option allow's you to screws so much more ifficiently, without slipping or stripping the heads of screws. I have my own business as a finish carpenter, and I will tell you, thiss drill is the best drill that I own. Its not like a cordless, that dies all of the time, and only last a couple of years before it needs replacing. And if your wondering about putting regular drill bits, without the hex bottoms to it, you can purchase a 3/8 quick chuck to put on to the drill from makita, which cost about 25$.